Pediatric Emergency Drug / Fluid Calculator

PedCalc Has Moved.


March 17, 2019

PedCalc has moved. It is now being managed by Dr. Michael Truxillo and Dr. William Trask on their Pedi Safe site. My thanks to them. You should be automatically forwarded to the new location in 15 seconds. If not, click this link:

Remember to update any bookmarks.

Also, if you or your facility would like to set up your own PedCalc web page on your web server, by clicking the following link you will download a zip file with the entire set of PHP scripts and the database to set up your own institutional PedCalc site.

This would give your administrative staff the ability to customize the content and printout appearance for your facility. This distribution is in the interest of better patient care. It is free -- there is no program charge or licensing fee.

-M. Beattie,MD